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Beijing China

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Blogging sites. [Aug. 21st, 2009|09:11 pm]
Beijing China

Hello everyone! I'm moving to China shortly and wondered which blogging sites are currently blocked in China? I've done an internet search and it seems that Livejournal is blocked...I know that pretty much they're all at risk, but are there any which are more reliable than others? I want to keep a blog while I'm abroad so I can update my family and friends on what I'm doing...but I can't do that if it's blocked in China! :S

Thanks for any advice and help!
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Books [Aug. 13th, 2009|01:53 am]
Beijing China

I'm looking for recommendations on books about China - preferably fiction, or memoirs. Although I lived in Beijing for several years but I feel like my knowledge of China-centric reading material is lacking. I've read Waiting & In The Pond (Ha Jin), I've read Lu Xun, Peter Hessler as well as Red China Blues and Red Dust. I'm set to order The Good Earth and Soul Mountain. What other books should a China-focused person read?

I'm very curious about Chinese authors, though non-Chinese will do as well - as long as the quality is high.

Thanks in advance!
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The comm's kinda dead, but let's try anyway... [Apr. 21st, 2009|11:58 am]
Beijing China


I'm a Beijing-born Chinese-Canadian that grew up in Toronto.  I'm taking a vacation and visiting Beijing for about 2 weeks at the beginning of May.  I'm totally fluent in Mandarin (hardcore Beijing accent to boot) and I know my way around pretty well (I spent about 4 months living in Beijing between 2006 and 2007).

I'm planning to do some hardcore shopping while I'm back in Beijing, but since I haven't been back in about 2 years (and my relatives are all a lot older, so totally different interests for the most part), are there any new shopping spots people would recommend?  I already have my set list of places I like to shop at (mostly anime related...cause I'm a nerd like that), but I'd really like to have some new ones to explore too.  I'm mainly into anime and fashion.  I'm on the tall side for Asian, but I'm thin enough that I still fit into the clothes fine (width-wise).

Also, is anyone on here interested in a shopping buddy for a few days?  I'll be heading to Hong Kong for a little bit as well (visiting relatives...and more shopping), but mainly I'll be in Beijing between May 1st and the 17th.  I'd prefer a fluent English speaker since the whole point is I don't want to get too far into the habit of speaking Mandarin all the time and have trouble switching back to English again when I get home afterwards.  It happens everytime I go back to China...I have trouble switching to pure Mandarin at the beginning and then have trouble switching out of it when I get back to Toronto. X_X

I don't mind playing translator for someone relatively new to Beijing.  I'm pretty used to it, so I'm usually an efficient translator. ^^

I'm assuming LJ's still blocked in China as it was last time I was there (and it was totally fine in summer 2006, wtf?), so I'd like to have this worked out before I leave.  =D
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2008|04:29 pm]
Beijing China

I couldn't really find any helpful links on the internet. I'm going to ask this question again. I know that Chinese custom you celebrate birthdays for the really young or old. My boyfriend is turning 26 in November but I'd still like to throw him something that would closely relate to a Chinese birthday for just the two of us. Would anybody like to post advise or pictures of their traditional birthdays?
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2008|08:00 pm]
Beijing China

this community is dead...?
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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2008|07:23 pm]
Beijing China

My boyfriend's birthday isn't until Nov. 13 but I'm already preparing for it because I don't know what to do.

I want to throw him a Chinese inspired birthday. He is a Chinese language/Global Studies major and is very much dedicated to the language. I know it's tradition to celebrate newborns and the elderly but this will be a big year for him (he'll be even more closer to 30 than to 18 years old & it'll be his first time in China this coming August!).

I am an okay cook but consider myself quite a crafty person. I want to decorate, cook and just about do as much as I can to deck out my little apartment for his birtday. It'll just be us two but I want to surprise him.

Does anyone know of a good website or have any advise as to what to do?
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Just bought Olympic phase 3 tix [May. 6th, 2008|06:41 am]
Beijing China

I realise that to buy the phase 3 tix you're supposed to be residents with visas that have six months on them but given the recent tightening of visas, my boyfriend (who is moving to Beijing) will have 3 months max on his visa and my brother and his girlfriend will just be on tourist visas.

Do you think that (with the exception of the opening/closing ceremony and the HUGE events) that they're really going to be checking everyone's visa dates? I can give the tickets away/resell them to other people I suppose but I was just pondering the situation tonight.
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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2008|04:03 pm]
Beijing China

[mood |hopefulhopeful]

This might be a slightly confronting question but... what's a girl gotta do to buy some tampons in this town?
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iPhone: Has anyone managed to get Caller ID to work after upgrading to 1.1.4? [Mar. 30th, 2008|10:47 pm]
Beijing China

While I was on 1.1.1 I an earlier version of AppSupport so that I could enable caller ID here in Bejing.

After I upgraded to 1.1.4, I used AppSupport 1.1.4 which is supposed to work for China - but it doesn't. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it over and over again but it's still not working. This is a real problem because I have a lot of difficulty recognising Chinese numbers so really really rely on caller ID when I receive phone calls or sms. Does anyone have any suggestions or alternatives? I've tried emailing AppSupport but I doubt they'll reply given that they claim that it works in China. Tangential questionCollapse )
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Found in Beijing [Jan. 21st, 2008|12:38 pm]
Beijing China

[Current Location |Chicago]

Hey there!  I studied in Beijing for 4 months last fall, and took some video clips around the city while I was there.  Then when I got back to America I put them together into short video and decided to post it online.  It's called "Found in Beijing", and I thought that since this is the "beijingchina" community, you guys  might appreciate it.  Here's the link:

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